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What’s Regenerative Medicine Logistics

Learn more about Regenerative Medicine Logistics.

Here we address general questions regarding regenerative medicine logistics, and share information designed to aid understanding.

① What issues do I need to bear in mind when organizing regenerative medicine logistics

When considering and carrying out the transport of cells and products used in regenerative medicine, you need to take into account the characteristics of the cells and products being transported, the nature of the treatment, pre- and post-transport processes, and other background matters, as well as shipping conditions.

② Will the shipping company be able to comply with our strict controls and protocols

Companies that offer general shipping services are unlikely to be able to deliver fast enough or fulfil other requirements. We recommend consulting shippers that specialize in this area and have relevant experience.

③ The items we want to ship are non-pharmaceutical in nature. Are they able to be transported

Operators that transport cells, tissues, products derived from living organisms, and genetically-modified materials need to be able to comply with the relevant rules. As a specialist in medical transport, Saroute will propose the optimum solution to your problem.

④ Can delicate cultures and products be carried in trucks and aircraft

The answer depends on the nature and condition of the culture or product. We suggest performing a trial run first using the same route and under the same conditions.

Saroute will propose the best solution!


-All quality control practices employed by Saroute conform to good clinical practice (GCP) and good distribution practice (GDP).
-Our medical logistics professionals, all of whom have completed a specialized training program, will attend to your transportation needs, from start to finish.


-Saroute has extensive experience and expertise with regenerative medicine.
-Saroute prides itself on safe and meticulous processes, and has extensive experience with investigator-initiated studies, large-scale clinical trials, and clinical testing.


-We offer temperature-controlled shipping, let you choose the time and mode of delivery, and can otherwise accommodate various requirements.
-We also provide packaging kits and offer an on-site packing service.

Saroute offers a logistics network that leaves nothing to chance,
backed up by extensive experience and expertise.

We have extensive experience in transporting shipments for regenerative medicine applications under various conditions,
Our specialized staff possesses expert knowledge and will propose solutions to your problems and requests, including in respect to
assignments that require the utmost caution or are unusually time-consuming.


1. You will spend less time organizing shipping materials and packing samples.

Current issue: We have to devote a lot of personnel and time to the preparation of shipping materials and the packing drugs and samples.
The Saroute advantage: Saroute will provide shipping boxes suitable for the cells or regenerative medicine products being transported. You can rely on us for everything from the supply of shipping materials to the packing of samples and drugs.

2. You can rely on our highly-trained staff with peace of mind.

Current issue: We realize you will be worried about the prospect of your cells or regenerative medicine supplies being delivered by someone who does not understand what they are transporting. The transportation of medical supplies requires extensive expertise based on specialized knowledge and experience.
The Saroute advantage: You can rely on our highly-trained staff with peace of mind. At Saroute, all staff involved with delivering your shipment will have undergone the appropriate training. You can rely on us not only to manage and handle cells and regenerative medical supplies, but also to process documentation and reconcile shipments against documents.

3. We will propose packaging materials and delivery routes tailored to your requirements.

Current issue: Ambient temperature fluctuates during transit. While we were able to maintain constant temperature in a regular indoor environment, we cannot guarantee that the same will apply under the punishing conditions experienced in transit.
The Saroute advantage: We test the thermal properties of all shipping containers, and will include a temperature data logger with the shipment if necessary. We will decide on a route (and therefore the time spent in transit) based on the duration the shipping box is able to maintain a constant temperature.

Case study

Saroute’s Regenerative Medicine Logistics Services are
Used in a Range of Scenarios.



Providing Logistical Support to the Regenerative Medicine Sector while Taking
into Account Shipment Properties, Specific Situations, and Conditions in Transit

When considering and putting in place logistical arrangements for the transportation cells and other products used in the regenerative medicine sector, there is a need to consider the characteristics of the cells or products involved, the nature of the treatment, and the processes that take place before and after shipping. Drawing on its experience in the medical and biotech sectors, Saroute is able to tailor its transportation services to the characteristics of the cells and other products being transported.

1. Establishment of logistical arrangements for transporting cells, trial products,
and cell-derived products

We will create agreements and protocols covering ordering, collection, transportation, delivery, and reporting. All relevant staff will be trained in these protocols.

2. Cryogenic transportation of products used in trials and regenerative medicine

A delivery person will arrive at the designated date and time with a dry shipper filled with liquid nitrogen that fits the shape of the ampoule case or sample box.

3. Same-day delivery

After consulting with the client, we will formulate a delivery plan that ensures the shipment is transported from the medical institution to the manufacturing facility/cell culture facility as quickly as possible.


Saroute is able to transport
a wide variety of items, including:

  • regenerative medicinal products
    intermediary products
  • cells
  • tissues
  • blood
  • genetically-modified materials
    and more

If you want to know whether it is possible to deliver a material not on this list, we would be happy to check the relevant regulations on your behalf.


Saroute offers a nationwide service.

In addition to the centers shown on the map, transportation staff who have undergone specialized training are posted in other locations as well. Saroute’s nationwide network extends all the way from Hokkaido to Okinawa.

Saroute’s quality control ensures a high degree of safety and reliability.

Saroute has built a rigorous system of quality controls that govern its medical logistics services. In each part of the network, our professional quality control staff work as a team to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Comprehensive Training for Professional Staff

At Saroute, all staff engaged in providing medical logistics services are required to undergo basic training once a year. Employees are trained in a range of areas including Saroute’s mission, rules in the health sector, Saroute’s standard operating procedure, and compliance. Finally, employees sit a test to check their level of understanding. Individual employees are also trained on procedure and business instructions related to their responsibilities, as necessary.


Whether it’s a one-off order or a large or ongoing project, Saroute provides a service tailored to your needs.

From solutions for the individual specimen transportation requirements of the research community to logistics support for major clinical trials and research conducted at multiple facilities (formulation of transportation networks for clinical specimens), we handle it all. Feel free to contact us with your enquiries.

All shipments are coordinated by a transportation professional who has passed Saroute’s training program.

All staff involved with Saroute’s specimen transportation service are trained in medical logistics. You can have confidence in entrusting Saroute with anything from answering your questions to specimen shipment.

We Take Care of Packing and Packaging

Our transportation professional will enquire in detail about the nature of your shipment, and select the most suitable packaging. Our transportation staff have also undergone thorough training, so you can leave it up to us to pack your samples as well.

A Range of Fully-Tested Temperature-Controlled Shipping Boxes

All specialized boxes used for temperature control have been tested make sure they meet Saroute’s stringent standards. We can provide transportation containers that maintain a constant internal temperature, coolants (phase change material/dry ice) and filled dry vapor shippers.

Convenient PDF Temperature Logs

The use of a temperature data logger to record temperature during transit enables any nonconformity with prescribed temperature to be verified immediately upon receipt. We can also provide you with a log of temperature during transit in PDF format, at a later date.

Do you have questions regarding the transportation of specimens, cells/trial drugs,
DCT logistics or drugs used in clinical trials, or any other medical or biotech challenges?
Are you facing other logistical challenges in the medical/biotech sector?
Our knowledgeable team of specialists is here to help.Feel free to ask about our services.

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